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Hans Peter Perner



Oil on canvas
100 x 80 cm

  • condition: mounted on wooden stretcher
  • In a play with light and color, structures and layers, Perner formulates the main theme of his works: elementary natural cycles, influenced by people and now viewed by them. The contemplation of his painting should bring the observer back to the roots, let him understand where everything comes from, where everything is going. The material color in its different textures raises what is depicted to the level of three dimensions. Brown and gray tones predominantly determine the color temperature, but colored compositions always bring stronger facets into his works. His pictures are created almost exclusively from nature as a source of inspiration, brought onto the canvas through generous gestures and profound thoughts.
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about the artist

Hans Peter Perner

Hans Peter Perner, born in Tamsweg in the land of Salzburg, works as a freelance artist. He began painting in his youth and has since attended numerous art seminars and art academy classes. In 2011, he organized his first public exhibition, presenting his early works to the local public. Since 2014, he has been working as a freelance artist and restorer. In 2016, he set up a studio at his new home in Sauerfeld in order to have more space to work and to allow visitors to contemplate his world and reality. Perner’s painting style resembles an act involving light and color, structures and layers. He considers his restoration work, a bona fide category in the field of visual arts, to be a valuable and instructive source of learning. The intense examination of the material color and of the diversity of the surfaces, in sculptural works as well as in panels, continues to sensitize this artist and bring him closer to his own focus in artistic creation: working with oil paints. Perner’s passion with this chromatic world has been ongoing since 2017. Hubert Scheibl’s master class at the 2018 Summer Academy in Salzburg laid the cornerstone for Perner’s career as a professional painter. Perner’s desire to pursue this career was heightened by this renowned icon of abstract painting, and the impulse Perner felt is perfectly encapsulated in the title of the summer class: “Prozessuale Malerei, Gedächtnisrestl und Entschleunigung” (Process-related painting, remnants of memory and deceleration).

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